Thursday, May 8, 2014

#MMMay14: Day 8

Another quick one today folks, as I want to spend some time sewing and creating...and reading ;). I threw on one of my favorite refashions. Something I like to refer to as my Green Granny Silk Blouse. Here's the story on how I refashioned it (super simple changes), and here's the shot of me in it today!

All I did was throw on some thrifted skinny jeans with this top and I've got a cozy, non-pajama outfit for a day spent at home. The good thing about rainy days is that I get to throw on my pretty floral rain boots whenever I need to head outside ;)

And they make me smile :). Until tomorrow...



  1. I adore this top - it's the piece that first drew me to your blog from Refashion Co-op. The colour is beautiful on you, and the top drapes so nicely. Elegant Everydaywear!

    I am beginning to think you should refashion some pj's, if you haven't already, so you can legitimately wear them for MMM15 :)

    1. Thank you Jenny, that's cool to know what brought you over :) I do actually have some pieces I've refashioned that can be worn as pi's...but I try to make myself get dressed in 'real' clothes everyday even if I have no plans to go beyond taking my son to and from preschool ;) I may use my pj's for a me-made may nighttime post! That way I can fit them in...good idea!