Sunday, May 4, 2014

#MMMay14: Day 3

Shoulda had this posted yesterday...asked my son to take pics of my husband and I and they all came out really bad! (Normally he does a great job). It was evening, and the lighting in the outdoor eating space at the restaurant wasn't great. Soooo, I put my outfit back on this morning to take pics by the light of day ;).

We spent most of the day at my son's preschool helping with the annual garden clean-up and celebrating the 10 year anniversary of said garden. It was tons of work, fun and they had great music besides! The local middle school jazz band played and were very talented, then a local band played that specifically do gigs geared towards kids and were so much fun (and awesome to boot!). Needless to say, we came away well-fed, worn out, and having had a great time :). Oh, and dirty. My son then saw balloon animals floating around and we remembered a street fair that was happening, so we went, ran into some friends, had mango lemonade and our son enjoyed a balloon superhero and the free bouncy house. After a couple of hours back home to rest, relax and freshen up, we decided to head out for dinner. (Busiest day ever as we tend to spend so much time at home and haven't hit the hectic schedules that being involved in extracurricular activities produce!)

Here's what I wore:

The cropped jacket is a consignment store find. My top was thrifted and refashioned, while my jeans were bought new 5 years ago and 'skinnified' two years ago. My gold flats were bought new. My bracelets and earrings were thrifted, as well.

This top is something I have repeated often when refashioning thrifted blouses. I decide whether the sleeves and collar are staying or going (in this case, going and staying, in that order), then I take the blouse in from the armpits down to the hem gradually tapering out to give it an a-line shape. This is a very flattering fit for me and makes it easy to grab any of the blouses I've refashioned without worrying too much about how it'll look on any particular day. The jeans, again, are a repeat of a process I've performed over and over again on jeans and pants. Try them on inside out, pin or mark how much needs to be taken in and after running them through my sewing machine, I cut off the excess and finish off the raw edges. You could call this outfit a uniform, of sorts, as I wear a variation of it at least 3-4 times a week. It's easy and casual for daytime, and its a snap to dress this up for a family dinner or even a date night (with heels and bolder jewelry).

Hoping to jump into some of my dresses and skirts soon, but its been windy around here and I don't like the opportunity for mishaps ;). Stay tuned a little later on today to see what outfit I've put together for a relaxed Sunday...

More me-made pieces are on their way!


  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that I've just found your blog via the MMM14 Pinterest group and I'm finding it really inspirational. I love your refashions and your instructions are really clear. It's really giving me food for thought. I'm also enjoying your MMM14 outfits. Being heavily pregnant, I am not taking part this year, so am enjoying seeing how everyone else is doing it! Love this blouse - what an excellent idea! X

    1. Welcome, Helen, I'm glad you found me :) I've also been inspired by all of the awesome clothing and knit/crochetwear that I've been seeing on the board...amazing talent! So happy to hear that you're finding inspiration here and I hope you keep coming back for more. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment xx