Friday, February 20, 2015

Quick 'Fix' Friday: Ink Spots

So I nabbed this mint cropped sweater at the thrift store for $1.33. Only problem? Ink spots on one sleeve. Not too much of a problem though!

I rolled the sleeve up twice, just enough to cover the stains, then did the same on the other sleeve.

I grabbed some matching thread, scissors and a needle, and tacked down the cuffs on the seam and then on the opposite side of the sleeve.

Easy fix that took me all of 5 minutes! They reach just about 3/4 length and now I've got the perfect kind of layering sweater to transition into spring.

I put it on over a loose silk blouse, then over a dress to give you an idea of how I'd wear this (since showing my midriff isn't an option ;). Because of the loose fit of the sweater, it would also balance out well over a more fitted silhouette. Now, if you've got the stains on the ends of any sleeves, you can also hem them under after cutting off the offending portions, or if it's just a jersey knit you can cut and let the edges curl over on themselves! Talk about another easy option ;). If you've got the skills, the permanent fix for something like this could be to undo the knit past the point of the stains and reknit new sleeve hems...which may be a part two to this quick mend.

Hope your Friday is a happy one!


  1. Me, I would've beat my head against the wall trying to take out the ink spots - in the meantime, you did the quick and easy - and CUTE - fix. Love the colour of that sweater. Had one the exact shade years ago. Sigh.

    1. Hahaha, I'm all about the easy way out! I knew right away I wouldn't even attempt to get the stains out ;)