Saturday, January 25, 2014

FB Giveaway

Happy Saturday! I was ever so lucky this morning :) We had a little extra money and I got to go thrifting! And it was half-off at my local thrift store! And I'll share all of my super finds in a post later on...all of that to get to the point, which is this:

I am working on getting together a giveaway over on my FaceBook page Little Did You Know. Once I hit 200 likes, I'll giveaway a refashioned item to the lucky winner! It's been suggested that the item be a copy of the Romantic Lace Sweater that I did a couple of weeks back, but as that is an item that depends entirely on fit and personal style, I think that I'll be doing something a little more One Size Fits All and then coordinating with the winner to personalize it to their specific taste. Still working on that idea ;)

All of this to say that we are only 6 likes away from the 200 mark and I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me out! All you have to do is hop on over to my page and hit like...simple as that! Now, some of you already have, and I thank you because I appreciate the support so very much :) You can help by spreading the word!

Hopefully this giveaway will get the ball rolling on a monthly giveaway of some smaller items with 1 or 2 bigger giveaways along the way. All to say thank you to you lovely readers :-)

Let's see what happens!

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