Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Therapeutic Knitting

 I did some therapeutic knitting over the past few days...for me its therapeutic. An easy repetitive stitch that requires no thinking; just the constant movement of fingers and yarn. I chose a seed stitch for a cowl knit in the round for this very reason. Now, as a knitter, I tend to find a pattern and follow it. Just the opposite of my sewing personality ;). However, this time I just figured I'd wing it and wasn't too worried about getting it right or wrong because I could always just pull it apart and start over. Which I did. Three times.

But as I said, it was mostly for its calming effects that I was knitting in the first place, so in the end, it served its purpose well. And I was afforded this super cozy color-blocked cowl. I want to wear it all.the.time. Seriously. I'm wearing it now as I sit in my t-shirt and leggings typing this up. Granted, its freezing again with the temps dropping into the single digits and below zero with the wind chill, but even if it were the middle of summer, I think I'd put it on just for the feeling of safety and warmth I get from it. This may sound like a lot of hooey to you, and maybe it is. I put a piece of myself in everything I make, and mostly in the pieces I create while feeling some intense emotion. This cowl is very "me" style, colors I love, cozy, warm, simple. Hope you like it...


*There are tutorials out there for this very type of cowl (I checked for ya!) and they are free! So, if you are a knitter, beginner or otherwise, why not try it out? Its fairly simple and only needs one skein (or remains from other projects if you like multi-colored/color-blocked items). I'll link up the tuts I found here and here. The second link brings you to a Ravelry site for a free pattern for a longer cowl that can be wrapped for extra coziness.*

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