Monday, January 6, 2014

*Update* 5-Minute-"Fix" Scarf

Sometimes, one has the urge for a quick fix...whether it be for chocolate (a common craving, right?) or something crafty, there is usually a barrage of solutions to be found simply by searching the internet. My "dealer" of choice for all ideas creative and quick is Pinterest. I'm using all of you out there as my inspiration! This 5-Minute-"Fix" is a fairly common and absolutely quick project.

First thing, find a large/xlarge t-shirt that you can hack up (I harvested a very stained white tee from my husband). Then cut below the armpits straight across through front and back of the shirt. Cut off the bottom hem, as well, and then streeeetch the loop to make the fabric roll over on itself. This way, there are no edges that need to be finished. :)

Now, because I used a white t-shirt, I had in mind to either write a quote or draw a design all over it. I chose a simple starburst design and used a fabric marker to draw it out (you could use fabric paint and a homemade stamp, or a permanent marker, or any other medium that works on fabrics).

Make sure that you place something between the layers as you draw/stamp/paint to avoid the colors bleeding through. I used a large folder. At this point, your actions may vary from mine (and therefore the time may extend). You may have to allow paint or ink to dry, you may decide to do layers of colors/patterns, etc. It's up to you! Get creative...sometimes all it takes is about 5 minutes. :)

*I decided that this design was a bit too simple and added dots! Here's how it looks now:


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