Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another quick "fix"

Sometimes, as a refashioner, I need a quick "fix" on a busy day until I can get into something a bit more involved. Taking in an overlarge t-shirt is just the kind of project I'm talking about! I picked up this striped H&M top at a thrift store in Queens this past year when we were in the old neighborhood visiting the pediatrician. It was a size 3X and initially I wore it as you see on the left, tied at each side a la 80's. A few weeks back I finally got around to taking it down to my size and now I've got a tunic perfect for wearing with leggings and boots!

Love to wear tunics and leggings when sewing...easy on and off as I try on my refashions at different stages :)
All I did was turn it inside out, pin the sleeves and sides where they needed to come in and sewed right along the pins! (This process would be made much easier with the use of a dress form, so if you have one, use it!) In my case, I have to either pin it while wearing it and try to take off the item of clothing without stabbing myself, or pin it and mark it so that I can remove the pins and NOT stab myself. And the larger the original top the better because any excess material is perfect for making things like fingerless mitts and head bands (which I use when running in colder weather...WHEN I run in colder weather ;) ).

Love me some stripes, love me some tunics! Sometimes, the easiest projects are some of the most satisfying :-) So, head out  or raid someone's closet and find a t-shirt that's too big for you (and in good condition), and make yourself a figure flattering, comfy top! Perfect for a beginner project or if, like me, you just need a quick "fix"...



  1. Andrea can you please share with me how you split the photos down the middle with before and after captions across the two. What program do you use etc?

    I love your refashion, it is simple and practical. And there are heaps of these tops to be found and upcycled.

    From Karen at Facebook group Bowerbirds Journal

  2. Absolutely, Karen! I use pic monkey which is a free photo editing site. You can create collages by uploading photos from your computer into a variety of sizes/layouts and then have the option to edit the photos and add text, etc. On my phone I use a few different apps to do the same thing. A Beautiful Mess and Framatic are the two I use most on my phone. :)

    I agree, these tops are so practical for everyday wear and because it is such a simple upcycle, making several in different colors/fits/sleeve lengths is quick and will still provide enough variety while keeping some quality materials from going to waste! It's a win/win for me ;)

  3. Ooh, this is a very nice fix, and looks extremely comfy. Plus, there's no need to iron either!
    I second you on the pic monkey- I love it!

    1. Thanks, Agy ;) Yeah, if I can avoid an iron for the rest of my life, I will!!! (My poor husband has to iron his own shirts or wear them a little rumpled).