Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thrifted OOTD: January 11, 2014

It is a dark, rainy, foggy day...I can't complain much, because I'd planned on staying in anyway, however, the darkness makes it ever darker indoors. Not good for taking pics, which means my next tutorial will have to wait until tomorrow! I thought I'd share a pretty poorly lit photo of what I'm wearing today. ;) It's thrifted, of course, but not refashioned (only the waist of the jeans has been taken in).  My style tends towards simplicity most days, so this is pretty indicative of an everyday outfit. Easy, comfy, and if I'm stepping out I can always add a few accessories to dress things up a bit!

Brown silk button down with dark skinny jeans.
Total cost: $8
Here's hoping that tomorrow is full of sunshine (as they've predicted for our area of New Jersey) and sewing! Happy weekend :)


  1. I love looking at what other people have bought from charity stores and how they style the pieces. And will look forward to your refashions Andrea. xx