Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick "Fix" Friday

Another quick "fix" for you all today! As I told you in my recent thrift scores post I also came across a few freebies in our building's community "donation" area. This is a pair of pants that I snatched up:
Can't you see why? ;)
They were definitely a weird length on me for the cut of the legs, but the waist and hips fit just right! So, all I needed to do was to make them more useful for me by skinnifying these bad boys. First, I turned them inside out and laid another pair of well fitting skinny jeans with similar stretch right on top. I then marked how much to take in on each leg and instead of taking them in on both sides of each leg, I decided to take them in on the inseam all the way up to the crotch (but without shortening the crotch as that area didn't need taking in).
You can mark them using pins or chalk (or however you like).

After taking in each leg, I cut off the excess fabric, and finished off the raw edges with an overlocking stitch. Easy peasy lemon squeezey! As long as you use a strong thread, a short straight stitch and reverse stitch when you start at the hems and end (wherever it works best to end) you should have a nice strong seam and some skinny pants with a new lease on life!
Check out that polka dot sock action!

I thought I'd include a pic that better captures the color of these pants as they were hard to capture (I'm still learning about photographing with the right kind of lighting), however, I think that this final "after" shot shows it best.
Pretty plum skinnies! Another pair of awkward pants saved :)

Deep plum is how I'd describe it...hmmm plums sound good! And hopefully you think these pants look good :) Fulfilled my need for a quick "fix" on a pretty busy day where stretchy skinny pants that ARE NOT leggings but just as comfortable were just what the doctor ordered. I have a tendency to live in leggings as I'm home so much ;)


P.S. I've got a couple (or more) Valentine's day refashions/projects in the works and am excited to share!!! Keep an eye out for those and more fun things in the next weeks <3

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