Sunday, January 5, 2014

Upcycling: iPhone Tripod Mount

Two of the challenges I face in starting this blog is the fact that my only camera is my iPhone, and I am no photographer. Part of my goal for this blog, and my everyday life, is to become a decent photographer using whatever camera I have access to. Part of that process will include creating diy photo backdrops and "lighting equipment" (aka foil covered cardboard for bouncing light around), among other things.

One of those other things, is a tripod mount for my phone. We have a tripod that we bought several years ago to use with a camera we owned (that I lost) and our video camera (that we no longer use). It's been sitting in the closet through our last 2 moves and was asking to be brought out again. After typing in my search criteria on Pinterest, I went with the first tutorial that popped out at me for creating a mount from things that a lot of folks have laying around the house. By reading through it, I found that I could create something similar without spending a dime. Here's how I went about it.

First things first, my husband did not want me to use the iPhone box as the inspiration tutorial calls for. Ok, fine, I figured this earbuds box would do, and started fiddling around with how to put it all together. These are the supplies I gathered together:

I started by removing the clear plastic "box" from the earbuds container and flipped the white plastic insert upside down. This would become the base of my mount where the actual tripod mount's screw would be able to sit within the hole that already exists. This insures that when I attach it to the tripod, it will sit flush:

Next, I traced out the width of my phone in its case onto the "top" of the box, used the stanley razor to cut that section out, then lined the exposed edges with washi tape (any masking/electrical tape will do the job):

Now, all that's left is to add a bit of non-skid mat (not pictured above), so that my phone fits nice and snug when standing up or laying in landscape position. I took these final shots using an old one with similar width so that I could illustrate how it'll work:

Rubber bands running in front of and behind the phone helps to keep it completely stable on the tripod without any wiggling or wobbling. Success!!! Now, along with an app that allows me to use our old iPad as a remote for picture taking,  I can start getting shots of my entire body (full outfit posts are now possible)! I'll be able to adjust my phone to whatever height I need while keeping it stable/steady for shots of tutorials or gifs, as well. Upcycling rocks!

Look out for my next diy photography project next weekend...unless I get motivated and just can't wait to get it started ;) Hope you find this helpful and inspirational! It may not be pretty, but it works, and that works for me...